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If you pursue the traditional home-sale avenue, selling a property can be an expensive, stressful affair, one that includes multiple buyers showing up at odd times to inspect your home. You can avoid all this hassle and instead pursue a cash home sale. Give us a quick call at (234) 251-2122 and we’ll discuss how you specifically can benefit from selling your home to us for cash. Our transparent evaluation process will help you sell your house as is. We don’t care about property location either!

Here’s our standard procedure for purchasing houses in Ohio:

1. Share some preliminary property details, like home location, size, and repairs that are needed. Fill out the online contact form on our website and we’ll reach out shortly thereafter.

2. Once your application is approved, a representative will reach out and set up a meeting. We’ll come to your residence and make a formal offer, without any hidden fees or charges.

3. Once we discuss property condition and other important elements, we’ll provide a written, no-obligation offer for your property. As trusted cash home buyers who’ve been serving Ohio for years, we’ll give you the complete freedom to accept or reject our offer—there will be no pressure from our side.

4. You can get out of a home foreclosure by selling your house fast in Ohio to us. Our process doesn’t include fees or charges.

5. We will buy your house in whatever condition it’s in, so you are saved from the hassle of preparing and/or repairing it for buyers.

We pay in cash immediately at closing—there are no further questions. Homeowners that’ve found themselves gripped by financial hardship have looked to us for a way out. Contact us now!

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