Cash Home Buyers in Ohio: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will you list my house on websites or in newspapers? Or, will you be buying it for yourselves?

Answer: Our primary business is purchasing real estate. As professional cash home buyers who’ve been serving Ohio for years, we buy homes that meet our purchasing criteria directly from homeowners. After we take possession of a property, we generally make required repairs so the property can be resold to another buyer; we’ll also buy houses to use them as rental properties. Although Andrew is a real estate agent, we’d personally like to purchase your property.

Q2. Can I expect a fair price for my property?

Answer: Yes! We believe in honest, straightforward business practices. We’re upfront about our business model: We purchase homes for cash, and at a discount, so we can resell them and turn a profit. Our clients appreciate all the great work we’ve done in and around Ohio. When you sell to us, there’s no absurd waiting periods or unnecessary expenses. The complete process—from the time you send us an inquiry to when we pay in cash for your home—takes no more than 10-14 days. One of the best things about getting an offer from us is that you’re under no obligation to accept the offer. We’ve found, however, that our cash offers are rarely declined. 

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Q3. What fees/commissions are involved?

Answer: Our offer does not involve any extra charges or commissions. In fact, we also take care of the closing costs, ensuring the process is totally hassle-free for clients. You can simply walk away from the house with cash in hand and never have to worry about repairs and/or other legalities that come with the traditional home-sale method.

Q4: How are your home offers calculated?

Answer: We use a straightforward procedure to make comprehensive, fair offers on houses that are presented to us for consideration. Once we have a potential client’s property details, we can come to the location and perform a thorough evaluation. We’ll check the property’s condition and see what other homes in the area are going for. We take several different elements into consideration before presenting a fair offer, one that’ll work for all parties involved.

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